Villa Mangiacane
Tuscan Sunshine
“Honesty, integrity, and soul” not only is Chef Scott Conant’s mantra in the kitchen, but it specifically applies to each ingredient he uses. And so when he decided to produce a line of cooking and pantry essentials, he knew they had to come out of Italian soil, grown the right way. Partnering with Tuscany’s Sogno Toscano, the result is a collection of nine sauces, spreads, and olives, highlighted by Chef Conant’s signature and highly craveable Pomodoro Sauce.
From tomatoes and peppers, olives and olive oil, to the basil used for the pesto, all of these ingredients are bursting with Tuscan sunlight and goodness. Take his olive oil, for example, made from local Frantoio and Leccino olives, and boasting low acidity.
Located in central Italy, Tuscany is a special place, known for its rich history and colorful cities, breathtaking landscape, and simply amazing food. For many, it is simply a slice of heaven.

Headed that way? Here are Chef Conant’s Tuscany travel tips.

Hotel Lungarno
Hotel II Pellicano
Sassicaia Vineyards
There are vineyards, there are horses, and there is a bird sanctuary. There are buildings that date back to the first century A.D. and there are olive groves.

Villa Mangiacane
Nestled in the heart of the winemaking region, this 15th century property built by the Machiavelli family features Italian frescoes on their walls by none other than Michelangelo.

Ornellaia Vineyard
For 700 years, the Frescobaldi family has been celebrating Tuscany through their wines. Open for tours and tastings.

There are so many small pensiones (small hotels) that allow you a place to rest without spending a lot of money. Try these luxurious alternatives.

Hotel II Pellicano
This spectacular clifftop hotel on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea used to be a private home.

Hotel Lungarno
Owned by the Ferragamo family, this beautiful hotel and its acclaimed restaurant is situated in Florence.

Four Seasons Florence
Completely over-the-top extravagance with several restaurants and bars. It’s simply wonderful.

While you can’t go wrong stopping by any local trattoria and eating whatever they are cooking that day, here are a couple of decadent choices for your journey.

Ristorante Arnolfo
With two Michelin stars, this spot is intimate, unique, and quaint. It’s expensive, but well worth it.

A gorgeous, thoughtful and special restaurant that also has two Michelin stars.

Tuscany is known for its bright and bold wines. Try either of these reds: Super Tuscan, a red wine that includes the use of nonindigineous grapes, particularly merlot, cabernet, sauvignon and syrah, or a BRUNELLO, 100 percent sangiovese.

Summers were made for sipping Aperol Spritz. This super refreshing cocktail is made with prosecco, Aperol, and soda water.

Hotel II Pellicano