I Spy Spyglass
With its scene-stealing views of the Empire State Building, Spyglass turns five this summer. Located on the 22nd floor of the Archer Hotel, it boasts the quintessential New York experience, offering craft cocktails and shareable bites from Chef Charlie Palmer.
Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, Spyglass encompasses a bygone era of elegance and style, where patrons serve as voyeurs to the city below, drawing aesthetic cues for the beautiful telescope used by the movie’s lead, Jimmy Stewart. With multiple spaces and a seasonal outdoor area, Spyglass is both timeless and intimate, allowing a glimpse of the action on the streets below.
Spyglass food
In homage to its anniversary and neighborhood, Spyglass spiffs up its wardrobe to kick off rooftop season. Captivated by early 1900s heyday glamour, its classic vibe celebrates the Garment District and tempts guests to slow down and savor the setting—and, yes, indulge in an ESB selfie.
Empire State Building
Spyglass views
Spyglass dining
Highlights of the design refresh include a retailored bar, dapper lighting, and amped-up charm throughout. Guests will appreciate flexible seating, plenty of perimeter drink rails, and a new dual Spy Viewer for a bird’s-eye view of the iconic building and magical city.
Spyglass has a timeless energy that appeals to locals and tourists equally. In fact, the mix of the two is part of the allure. The views, the hospitality, and the elevated Charlie Palmer menu make Spyglass a must-do for visitors and a favorite haunt for locals. And while we love that the sliding Nano doors will soon be flung open, Spyglass is among the city’s coveted all-weather rooftops.
Spyglass drinks
Spyglass interior
Spyglass interior
Spy Lounge—the back room with its own festoon-lit terrace and enchanting views of the Chrysler Building—adds a dramatic live feed of the Empire State Building’s ever-changing light show. As designer Glen Coben describes, “There’s now not a bad seat in the house.” Our host, the Archer Hotel, wouldn’t have it any other way.
Spyglass dining